Actions That Affect Duffys Forest.

Drag and drop the ideas below into two columns, good and bad behaviour. Think about which actions will help rebuild and conserve Duffys Forest and which behaviours will harm and destroy the area.

Moving into bushland
Clearing land
Starting illegal fires
Chopping down trees
Collecting firewood
Remove weeds from the bush
Horse riding in restricted areas
Collecting bush rocks
Build a dog fence
Creating new tracks
Plant Duffys Forest in your garden
Poisoning foxes and rabbits
Picking native flowers
Dumping rubbish in Duffys Forest
Making Duffys Forest a national park
Taking dog poo home
Bird boxes in gardens
Learning about Duffys Forest
Dumping kittens or puppies
Walking dogs in Duffys Forest
Take only photos and leave only footprints
Stay on tracks when bush walking
Putting bells on cats
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